Why do players choose the Lightning Roulette live game


Reasons for the popularity of Lightning Roulette

Roulette has always been a popular game in online casinos. If you look at the list of the most popular online casino games in any country in the world, you will notice at least a few roulette-related games. And this is not surprising.

Everyone knows roulette. Moreover, roulette is one of those games associated with casinos. Probably only poker and slot machines can compete for the right to be called the main entertainment in the casino.

However, you can play roulette not only in casinos. There is a huge number of games on the Internet, including for iPhone and Android smartphones, where you place a bet, but the game is for fun, that is, without real money. This once again speaks of the popularity of roulette when you can play for fun.

Play Lightning Roulette

Traditionally, there are several types of roulettes:

  • French roulette,
  • European roulette,
  • American Roulette.

However, in reality there are even more types of roulette, given the new "chips" and nuances of different roulette games.

What is Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette game is just a good example of a "chips" roulette. At first glance, in the case of Lightning Roulette, we are talking about ordinary French roulette, where bets are made both on numbers (internal bets) and on certain groups of numbers - dozens, columns, red / black, even / odd.

The key difference between Lightning Roulette is lightning, which “strikes” up to 5 numbers and randomly determines coefficients from x5 to x500.

Features of the strategy in the Lightning Roulette

As in any online game, there are always three possible winning strategies:

  • A risky strategy where there is a high risk of losing, but there are chances to win a large amount of money;
  • Conservative strategy, where the winnings hardly pay off the losses, but the chances of losing are minimal;
  • Moderate strategy, where there is moderate risk and good chances of winning a decent amount of money.

In almost any online casino roulette, you will see exactly the same strategy options. However, there is one "but". Thanks to the "lightning" at the beginning of each round, the player gets the possibility of additional winnings with odds ranging from x5 to x500. Considering this factor, even making a bet, for example, on black / red with odds of 1 to 1, the presence of "lightning" can become a decisive factor in winning and big money. You play according to a conservative strategy, but the chances of winning and making money are much higher. And the chances of losing are also minimal. This is amazing and only possible in Lightning Roulette.